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Vegetation management practices are used to maintain a vegetation cover on cultivated soils for most of the year, renew pasture in grazing lands, provide protection to the soil and other crops from wind and water, control pests and diseases and enhance the soil structure. They address the soil threats of erosion, compaction and poor structure, poor water holding capacity and organic matter decline.

SQAPP includes 97 examples of the world-wide use of the following vegetation management practices.

»Vegetation cover

  • Permanent green cover in orchards
  • Cover crops
  • Grassland renewal
  • Rangeland rehabilitation

»Fallow management

  • Planted fallow

»Vegetation bands

  • Vegetative strips
  • Riparian buffer zones and filter strips
  • Shelterbelts
  • Semi-natural landscape elements
  • Strip cropping

»Crop choice

  • Deep rooted crops
  • Intercropping
  • Growing halophytes

»Crop rotation/diversification

  • Crop rotation/diversification
  • Herb-rich grassland

»Multi-layered vegetation

  • Agroforestry
  • Silvopasture


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