Main authors: Luuk Fleskens
iSQAPERiS Editor: Jane Brandt
Source document: Presentation made at iSQAPER Scientific Board Meeting, Schiphol, 18 November 2019


The iSQAPER and »LANDMARK projects joined together to hold a side event on soil quality and soil functions at the Wageningen Soil Conference in August 2019. The workshop included a demonstration of SQAPP and the collection of feedback from workshop participants that was evaluated and taken into account in further development of SQAPP (»Developing SQAPP).


SH fig01 SH fig02 SH fig03

In one word, what did you appreciate about SQAPP?

one word summary

Are there any improvement/changes you think should be made to SQAPP?

The following reponses were highlighted.

  • Make recommendations more detailed, with examples maybe
  • Data accuracy
  • Add more datasets
  • Better interpretation
  • Incertitude quantification
  • Careful with output data without improving your input data
  • Very clear disclaimer
  • Explanation about basis of input information e.g. what is the source of default soil information
  • Be clear about how the input data will be further used



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