Stakeholder feedback

AMP Qiyang 

The involvement of groups of stakeholders such as farmers, technical advisors, researchers and policy makers has been a focal part of the iSQAPER research programme.

Key articles

An overview of the involvement of stakeholders in the development of the app is given here »SQAPP user evaluation and feedback and in assessing agricultural management practices is given here »Stakeholder feedback on recommended agricultural management practices. Events presenting the major research findings to stakeholders; demonstrating and discussing management practices of proven benefit to soil quality; and demonstrating and discussing the local soil quality assessment and additional recommended management practices provided by SQAPP are given here »Demonstration events in the study sites.

Articles that refer to or describe the involvement of stakeholders

Demonstration events - feedback results
Demonstration events in the study sites
Feedback questionnnaire results
Soil Horizons Workshop - feedback
Soil management scenarios
SQAPP (beta version) - feedback results
SQAPP (beta version) - gender disaggregated feedback results
SQAPP (beta version) - questionnaire
SQAPP user evaluation and feedback
Stakeholder involvement in developing and using soil quality assessment schemes
Stakeholder wish-list for functionalities of SQAPP
User feedback and SQAPP development
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