Soil quality indicators

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Soil indicators are physical, chemical or biological parameters that are sensitive to soil management and related to soil functions. They are used individually or combined into indices to assess the overall quality of a soil. Because soil quality and soil quality indicators are a central theme in iSQAPER, most of the links given below are to sections of iSQAPERiS rather than individual articles.

Key section

┬╗Soil quality - a critical review

Sections or articles that refer to the identification and use of soil quality indicators

Assessing soil quality in agro-ecosystems
Calculating the soil quality index in SQAPP
Deriving a soil quality index and alternatives
Effects of management practices on soil quality indicators: results
Factors affecting soil quality
Frequently proposed soil quality indicators
Importance of good soil quality
Indicator performance
Management practices and soil quality
Requirements for soil quality indicators
Soil quality - a critical review
Soil quality indicators conclusions & outlook
Soil quality indicators from long-experiments
Soil quality indicators from long-term experiments - conclusions
Soil quality: assessment, indicators & management
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