Sustainable land management practices

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Note: Project deliverable are subject to a number of quality assurance steps including reviewing and commenting from co-authors and the project coordinator before submission to the Commission. Commission-appointed external assessors may make recommendations for further amendment or clarification before deliverables are officially accepted. They are often works in progress, intended to inform and provide data or information for other project tasks. They are not the same as peer-reviewed and published articles, although they often form the basis for such articles.

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On the basis of a literature review and in consultation with local stakeholders, 18 promising agricultural management practices (AMPs) were selected and their impacts on soil quality were evaluated through a Visual Soil Assessment methodology at 14 study sites across Europe and China, covering the major pedo-climatic zones.

Please cite as: Alaoui, A., Schwilch, G. (2019) Database of currently applied and promising agricultural management practices. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 5.3, 14 pp. Available at: www.isqaper-is.eu/downloads

The impact of promising agricultural management practices (AMPs) on soil quality was assessed using a Visual Soil Assessment (VSA) tool (e.g. Shepherd, 2000) in a total of 138 pairs of plots/farms spread across 14 study site areas, with10 located in Europe and 4 in China.

Please cite as: Abdallah Alaoui and Gudrun Schwilch (2017) Selection of promising agricultural management practices. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 5.2, 14 pp. Available at www.isqaper-is.eu/documents.

A report on the impact of promising innovative agricultural practices on soil quality in the iSQAPER case study sites in order to provide the research-based evidence for the development of SQAPP, to enable the app to make recommendations for agricultural management practices based on their effects on soil quality and mitigation of soil threats.

Please cite as: Teixeira, F. and Basch, G. (2019) Performance of promising land managment practices to populate recommendations of SQAPP. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 6.1, 45 pp. Available at www.isqaper-is.eu/documents.

In the final phase of iSQAPER, demonstrations events were organised in the the study sites to: present the major research findings to stakeholders; demonstrate and discuss management practices of proven benefit to soil quality; and demonstrate and discuss the local soil quality assessment and additional recommended management practices provided by SQAPP.

Please cite as: Brandt, J. et al. (2020) Demonstration of recommended agricultural management practices and SQAPP in the iSQAPER study sites. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 6.4 (additional) 71 pp. Available at: www.isqaper-is.eu/downloads

Section 2.3 of this report contains the gender disaggregated results of the questionnaire used to gather feedback from stakeholders at the demonstration events.

Please cite as: Claringbould, H. 2020. ISQAPER 4th and final gender equality and diversity report. iSQAPER Report, 39 pp. Available at: www.isqaper-is.eu/downloads

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