Integrating promotion of soil quality and sustainable land management into policy

These are the source documents for the iSQAPERiS section ┬╗Integrating promotion of soil quality and sustainable land management into policy.

Note: Project deliverable are subject to a number of quality assurance steps including reviewing and commenting from co-authors and the project coordinator before submission to the Commission. Commission-appointed external assessors may make recommendations for further amendment or clarification before deliverables are officially accepted. They are often works in progress, intended to inform and provide data or information for other project tasks. They are not the same as peer-reviewed and published articles, although they often form the basis for such articles.

See also ┬╗Disclaimer, copyright and privacy for information about the conditions of use of the deliverables and other iSQAPER products.

An initial stocktaking report on existing policy measures that are relevant to soil protection soil including the UN Sustainable Development Goals and EU and national policies.

Please cite as: Bowyer, C. et al. (2018) Initial stocktaking report on existing policy measures. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 8.1, 125 pp. Available at www.isqaper-is.eu/documents.

An overview of the importance of data combination for better soil quality assessment (and hence better policy making) plus an inventory of policy-relevant data and information arising from the iSQAPER project.

Please cite as: Stainforth, T. et al. (2020) Inventory of policy relevant data and sources extracted from WPs 3-7 and applicable to policy design: the importance of effective data combining. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 8.2, 20 pp. Available at www.isqaper-is.eu/documents.

SQAPP could make an important contribution to agricultural and land management policy if promoted by agricultural policy makers and the implementing authorities.

Please cite as: Stainforth, T. and Fleskens, L. (2020) Short report on applying the soil quality tool to different policy challenges and settings: SQAPP for policy makers. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 8.3, 10 pp. Available at www.isqaper-is.eu/documents.

iSQAPER has developed a toolkit that can be used to help policy makers, researchers and land managers to better monitor and assess soils at local, regional and continental scales, for better decision making and improved soil quality. These tools should be incorporated in the European Green Deal policy architecture in order to better account for the crucial role soil quality.

Please cite as: Stainforth T. et al. (2020) Integrated soil quality assessment - good quality soils support environmental protection, climate action and rural development: the iSQAPER Toolkit - H2020 Research conclusions for policy makers. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 8.4, 18 pp Available at www.isqaper-is.eu/documents.

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